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If you have ever experienced a toothache, you know that it can be debilitating and may disrupt your whole routine. Instead of delaying treatment, the best course of action is to consult with our qualified dental professionals at Enhance Dental at Heritage. We offer comprehensive treatments for tooth pain in Wake Forest, NC, to relieve discomfort and preserve your natural tooth. After evaluating your oral cavity and diagnosing the underlying cause of toothache, Dr. Omad Chaudhary and his team will form a targeted treatment plan to restore your oral wellness. You can rely on our skilled professionals to provide you with the highest-quality and most comfortable oral care.

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    Common Causes of Tooth Pain

    Pain in one or more of your teeth may arise due to different factors. If you experience tooth pain due to any of these factors, we urge you to visit our Wake Forest, NC, facility for immediate and effective treatments. Common causes include:

    • Tooth decay: When harmful oral bacteria release acidic substances, they erode the tooth enamel and expose the inner sensitive layers. As a result, you may experience dull or intense pain in your teeth.
    • Dental injury: High-impact injuries such as road traffic accidents or sports injuries can cause severe toothache. It requires immediate attention.
    • Tooth abscess: A tooth abscess can occur as a result of a bacterial infection. If left untreated, it may expand and cause excruciating pain.
    • Broken or fractured tooth: If a tooth is broken or fractured, the inner layers may become exposed, resulting in pain, discomfort, and sensitivity.
    • Gum disease: Gum recession or bone loss due to periodontal disease can make the teeth more susceptible to decay and tooth sensitivity.
    • Teeth grinding: The habit of grinding or clenching your teeth can erode the outer protective layer and exert pressure on them, causing pain and discomfort.
    Tooth Pain

    Treatments We Offer For Tooth Pain Treatment In Wake Forest, NC

    Our state-of-the-art facility offers complete care for various causes of tooth pain, ensuring you walk back with a radiant, worry-free smile. During your consultation, we will examine the affected tooth or teeth and determine the best treatment options to optimize your oral health.

    Dental Fillings

    If toothache results from cavities, we can address it by rebuilding the lost tooth structure with dental fillings. They are customized to match your natural teeth.

    Root Canal Therapy

    Among various treatment options for tooth pain in Wake Forest, NC, we select root canal therapy to address infected teeth. It relieves discomfort and saves the tooth from extraction.

    Question About Tooth Pain?

    Incision and Drainage

    If a large tooth abscess is present, we will place a small incision over the region and allow it to drain. This eliminates harmful bacteria and prevents the spread of infection.

    Dental Restorations

    Our custom-made dental restorations, including crowns and porcelain fillings, can help preserve damaged, broken, or cracked teeth. They mimic the natural shade and contours of your teeth.

    Tooth Extraction

    If a tooth is damaged beyond repair, we may suggest extracting it to relieve your symptoms. After tooth removal, you can consider our tooth replacement options.

    What People Say About Us!

    The staff at this facility provided exceptional service. After inquiring about treatment one night, I received a prompt call the next morning and was scheduled for an appointment the very next day. The staff was incredibly helpful and provided honest feedback regarding my treatment options.

    Shiekel Richardson

    Great practice. I’ve never met a dentist that is so knowledgeable and kind. The office is beautiful. The doctor is wonderful at explaining things I never even knew existed. They have a wonderful savings plan for a year that includes some good services.

    Margie Garcia

    Dr Omad and his staff were fantastic. As someone with some dental anxiety, I can say he made me feel completely comfortable. I was able to schedule appointments for me and my kids within the week. There was pretty much no wait time in the office.

    Rebecca Burns

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    If you have been struggling with toothache, don’t wait any longer. Visit our practice and get the best treatments for tooth pain in Wake Forest, NC. You can call us at (919) 569-5719 to book a consultation.

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