How Is KöR Teeth Whitening Different From Zoom?

July 28, 2023

Teeth Whitening
If you have shopped around for dentists at all, then you know just how many teeth whitening services are out there. A popular alternative to KöR is Zoom. Every dentist will tell you that they have the best whitening treatment on the market, but truthfully, not all brands are created equal. Even still, how can you tell the difference? Which whitening treatment is truly the best for you and your teeth?

At Enhance Dental, we offer the highest quality cosmetic dentistry in Wake Forest, NC. You deserve teeth that are more than just beautiful, but healthy, vibrant, and pain-free as well. Our dentist is continually learning, so he can always offer the best dental and oral healthcare for his patients. Because he takes your health and comfort seriously, you won’t have to accept less than the best.

KöR Teeth Whitening Works on Difficult, Set-in Stains

Booth Zoom and KöR promise results, but only KöR has proven effective against seriously difficult stains, such as those from Tetracycline and Fluorosis.

KöR teeth whitening has several formulas to help you tackle the stains that other dentists have told you are unfixable. Their more intensive formulas, KöR Ultra and KöR Ultra-T, have given people with Fluorosis and Tetracycline stains some incredible results. So, how is it that KöR can promise results for these kinds of stains and Zoom can’t?

Zoom Uses LED Light to Get Fast Results, Not Long-Lasting Ones

Though study after study has shown that LED light doesn’t make whitening more effective in the long run (National Institute of Health), it can offer patients a more immediate shade difference. Zoom claims to activate the bleaching substance through low-level heat, activating it quickly so that patients get whiter teeth in less time. Unfortunately, this process can also result in more sensitivity and gum tenderness (NIH).

By contrast, KöR is in the business of long-lasting, safe results that don’t jeopardize your comfort and well-being.

KöR Uses Continuously Refrigerated Whitening Gels

While Zoom uses heat to force the gel to activate faster, KöR relies on cold gel to make their results last longer, giving the treatment time to fully do its job. Did you know that whitening gel begins to degrade as early as the shipment process? High temperatures in freight trucks and bays cause whitening gels to break down and lose their effectiveness before they even get to the dentist’s office.

KöR fights this process by continuously refrigerating their gels. When they arrive at our office, they’re as cold as the day they were manufactured. This means more potency and fewer negative side effects for your teeth. Because our gels are less acidic, your teeth should be less sensitive after treatment.

Choose Enhance for Cosmetic Dentistry in Wake Forest, NC

You deserve the best when you go to a professional for teeth whitening. That’s why we use KöR at Enhance Dental. Our office is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals, but we will always prioritize your health and comfort. After all, you can and should get the best of both worlds when it comes to your dental health.

To schedule your appointment at our office in Wake Forest, call (984) 207-3252 today.



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