Root Canal Therapy In Wake Forest, NC

At Enhance Dental at Heritage, our primary aim is to help preserve the health and beauty of your natural teeth. If you experience a pulp infection, our experienced dentists can save your teeth with root canal therapy in Wake Forest, NC. Dr. Omad Chaudhary and his team utilize the latest measures and skills to provide you with a pain-free and comfortable experience.

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    When Does A Root Canal Become Necessary

    A root canal treatment is typically recommended when the inner pulp is damaged or infected due to an infection, cavity, or dental injury. Because the tooth pulp is a vital and highly innervated structure, you may experience severe pain, tenderness, and discomfort.

    Delay or lack of proper treatment may leave tooth extraction as the only viable option. Moreover, the infection can also spread to the adjacent teeth or soft tissues, impacting the health of your oral cavity.

    If you experience pain, lingering sensitivity, or tenderness in a tooth, visit our facility as early as possible. Our Wake Forest, NC, team can save your natural teeth with root canal therapy and prevent future complications.

    Root Canal Therapy

    Root Canal Treatment Procedure at Our Clinic

    The process of root canal therapy may require one or more visits, depending on the complexity of your case. During your initial consultation, our dentist will perform a detailed oral exam to identify the extent of damage and devise a treatment plan.

    We will start by administering local anesthesia so you don’t feel pain or sensitivity during treatment. Using an electronic device, our dentist will create a small opening in the affected tooth. This allows us to access the inner pulp chamber and root canals.

    We will gently remove the infected pulp tissues and thoroughly disinfect the canals. After cleaning and shaping, we will place a rubber-like material to seal the canals. In the final steps, we will close the access opening with a dental filling or a dental crown, ensuring that your tooth remains healthy and intact for a long time.

    Question About Root Canal Therapy?

    Root Canal Aftercare

    After completing the root canal procedure, our Wake Forest team will provide aftercare instructions to help you achieve a quick recovery. You may experience some soreness or pain once the effect of anesthesia wears off. For this reason, we prescribe pain medication to diminish post-treatment symptoms.

    Normally, you can resume your activities soon after the procedure, but we suggest avoiding hard or sticky foods for 24 to 48 hours. Instead, you can opt for a soft diet that is easy to chew and does not put excessive pressure on your teeth.

    Use a warm saline rinse two to three times a day to disinfect the treatment area. Additionally, brush and floss your teeth and maintain proper oral hygiene to ensure treatment success.

    What People Say About Us!

    The staff at this facility provided exceptional service. After inquiring about treatment one night, I received a prompt call the next morning and was scheduled for an appointment the very next day. The staff was incredibly helpful and provided honest feedback regarding my treatment options.

    Shiekel Richardson

    Great practice. I’ve never met a dentist that is so knowledgeable and kind. The office is beautiful. The doctor is wonderful at explaining things I never even knew existed. They have a wonderful savings plan for a year that includes some good services.

    Margie Garcia

    Dr Omad and his staff were fantastic. As someone with some dental anxiety, I can say he made me feel completely comfortable. I was able to schedule appointments for me and my kids within the week. There was pretty much no wait time in the office.

    Rebecca Burns

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    Our experienced professionals can restore and preserve your teeth with root canal therapy in Wake Forest, NC. Call us today at (919) 569-5719 to book a consultation.

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