Dental Bonding In Wake Forest, NC

Minor cosmetic flaws such as tooth chips, cracks, stains, or gaps between teeth may stop you from smiling confidently. Luckily, our skilled dental professionals can fix these issues with dental bonding in Wake Forest, NC. It is a simple and effective measure that immediately enhances the appearance of your teeth, helping you achieve a picture-perfect smile. Our experienced team at Enhance Dental at Heritage, led by Dr. Omad Chaudhary, will discuss your aesthetic concerns and form a personalized treatment plan that uplifts your smile and confidence. You can rely on our dentists to offer you the best solutions for your cosmetic dental needs.

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    How Does Dental Bonding Work

    At our Wake Forest, NC, facility, we offer many cosmetic dental treatments, including dental bonding, to help you achieve a captivating smile. It is a non-invasive technique that involves the use of a tooth-colored resin to enhance the appearance of your teeth. The procedure is relatively quick and requires a single visit. After a brief consultation and oral examination, our dentist will prepare your teeth for the procedure.

    We will first apply an acidic gel to your teeth to roughen the surface and then apply a conditioning liquid that facilitates the bonding process. Next, a shade of resin is selected that matches closely to your natural teeth. We will place it on the prepared tooth surface, sculpt its shape, and harden it with a special curing light. In the final steps, we will polish the surface to create a seamless finish, leaving you with a flawless smile.

    Dental Bonding

    Benefits of Dental Bonding

    If you are in search of a simple and affordable cosmetic dental procedure, there is no better option than dental bonding. It is a versatile dental treatment that can address many aesthetic concerns, including chipped or cracked teeth, broken teeth, tooth stains or discoloration, uneven teeth, or gaps between teeth.

    The process of dental bonding in Wake Forest, NC, is comfortable and completely pain-free. Since the technique does not involve any complex measures, it only takes a single visit. The resin material is highly durable and can last for several years with proper care. Moreover, it is one of the most cost-effective options, allowing you to achieve a perfect smile without breaking the bank.

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    Caring For Your Bonded Teeth

    After completing the process of dental bonding, our Wake Forest, NC, team will provide instructions to help you maintain the treatment results. The most important part is maintaining proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing on a daily basis. This helps avoid plaque deposits and tooth discoloration.

    Keep in mind that composite resin can stain like natural tooth enamel, so it is beneficial to limit the intake of pigmented foods and drinks (coffee, red wine, berries, etc.) in the long run. We also suggest avoiding biting on hard objects with your bonded teeth, as it may damage or break the restoration. Visit our clinic routinely for checkups and cleanings to keep your teeth in perfect shape.

    What People Say About Us!

    The staff at this facility provided exceptional service. After inquiring about treatment one night, I received a prompt call the next morning and was scheduled for an appointment the very next day. The staff was incredibly helpful and provided honest feedback regarding my treatment options.

    Shiekel Richardson

    Great practice. I’ve never met a dentist that is so knowledgeable and kind. The office is beautiful. The doctor is wonderful at explaining things I never even knew existed. They have a wonderful savings plan for a year that includes some good services.

    Margie Garcia

    Dr Omad and his staff were fantastic. As someone with some dental anxiety, I can say he made me feel completely comfortable. I was able to schedule appointments for me and my kids within the week. There was pretty much no wait time in the office.

    Rebecca Burns

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    Don’t let cosmetic dental concerns ruin your self-confidence. With dental bonding in Wake Forest, NC, we can significantly elevate the appearance of your smile. Call us at (919) 569-5719 to schedule a consultation.

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