Can You Shower After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

May 15, 2024

It is natural to have multiple questions regarding post-tooth extraction aftercare, including food to eat and hygiene. While oral care is crucial for a smooth recovery and often talked about, what about a shower after wisdom teeth removal?

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can You Shower?

The stitches used in the wisdom teeth extraction site dissolve or come out on their own in 3-10 days. During this time, light to moderate exercise the day following your surgery will help reduce swelling and help you feel well. It is advised to get up and move around, and yes, you can take a shower as well after wisdom teeth removal.

Is Showering Safe After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Brushing your teeth is uncomfortable right after wisdom teeth removal, but maintaining good hygiene is still crucial! The good news is that showering is perfectly safe and even a good move during recovery post extraction of teeth.

Unlike some procedures, showering does not interfere with healing and can actually be quite soothing after surgery. Just keep the water lukewarm to avoid irritation, and skip the hot tub for now. You can use cascading water instead of using direct pressure on the extraction sites. Since the use of anesthesia and pain medication can cause dizziness, consider showering seated or having someone nearby for support.

Should You Take a Dip After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Following wisdom teeth extraction, proper oral hygiene is crucial for a smooth recovery. While you would want to jump back into your normal routine as soon as possible, swimming is one activity you need to put on hold for some time.

Why Swimming is a No-No In The Beginning?

There are 3 main reasons why swimming after wisdom teeth removal is not a good choice:

  • Infection Risk: Both areas, artificial pools, and natural water house bacteria. Submerging your head or surgical sites in this water can contaminate your socket and increase the risk of developing an infection. During healing, these sockets are particularly vulnerable to bacteria entering and causing complications.
  • Accidental Dislodging the Blood Clot: Right after tooth extraction your mouth will start forming a blood clot in the socket to initiate the healing process. This clot is crucial for healing and pain management. Any sudden or vigorous movement and potential splashing during swimming can dislodge this clot, leading to a painful condition called dry socket, delaying healing.
  • Increased Bleeding: Swimming slightly raises blood pressure. This temporary increase, combined with the recent surgery, could lead to increased bleeding at the extraction sites.

Closing Note

So, showering after wisdom tooth extraction is okay; however, swimming is not to protect the blood clot from displacement. If you want to learn more about this, do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Omad Chaudhary, FICOI, at Enhance Dental. With more than seven years of experience, you can rely on him to find the solution to all your queries. Call (919) 569-5719 to connect with us.



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